About Us

TopShots4Salmon has been created by a husband and wife fishing team, Winn and Angela Wolf from the Win-n-Angel.
Goal … to promote and bring recognition to salmon tournament fishing on Lake Michigan …
Mission … give insights to the teams, the strategies, the drama, the inside scoop …
Passion … find a way to continue what we love, fishing! …

Winn owns Wolf Management, a commercial property management service and Dockside Professional Services, a boat management service.

Winn Wolf has been fishing since childhood and became one of the youngest charter captains on Lake Michigan. Winn has been fishing professional tournaments for over 20  years and has a long track record of top 10 finishes!

Winn & Angela have been fishing as a team on the Win-n-Angel over 15 years. Both have a passion and desire to draw the needed attention to the great Salmon fishery on Lake Michigan.

Angela Wolf is a fashion designer, author and TV personality. She started ABO Apparel in 1994 and is in the process of coming out with a women’s sport fishing line. She is one of the featured designers on the PBS series “It’s Sew Easy”.  Angela has always loved the outdoors, but after meeting Winn she found the love for salmon and sailfish fishing

TopShots4Salmon will follow a variety of Pro Fishing Teams throughout select Salmon Tournaments on Lake Michigan. Get inside details about the personalities that make up the teams, the strategy, the stats, and live raw video footage. We are taking Salmon Tournament Fishing to another level!

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  1. This is terrific! Nice looking site, and a great idea. Thanks for including us.

  2. Sam (Giv-n-The Bird)

    Ready for some good times! Great site, lets get it fired up!

  3. The Rodfather hopes to see you guys there this weekend.

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